Friday, 9 March 2007

The Next Challenge...

A whole new chapter of our lives is beginning!! And as exciting as it is, it is also very scary... we are leaving all our friends and family to embark on this new journey together, but it also creates many new opportunities amongst career and travel and meeting many more special people and developing new friendships!

We have now been here nearly 2 weeks, and has it flown. We landed on 24th February and moved straight into our new apartment - which came fully furnished and all we needed to do was unpack our suitcases and go grocery shopping! We decided we were not allowed to convert back to AUD$ as this became too distressing, therefore we only go by the £ and this way it all seems to be affordable!!!

We started at work on the Monday and everyone has been wonderful and friendly and very welcoming. We all went partying on Friday night, so saw everyone with their hair down and were able to show everyone we were human too:-)

Weather has been gorgeous (for London terms), around 11 degrees each day with the sun shining - who said it was cold and dark in London...

Overall all our experiences here to date have been pleasant and nothing has been difficult at all... best of all we have already planned our first trip to Paris next weekend - can you believe that you can have a weekend in Paris for less than £500 .... we leave Friday night by the Eurostar (train) and arrive home on Sunday evening... looking forward to seeing the 'City of Romance'... It was really funny I had a friend call up and said we must catch up.. she lives in London, so we both went through our availability and the easiest way was to catch up in Paris:-)

Well that is enough from me at the moment and will definitely let you all know about next weekend:-)

PS - Update.... Next weekend never arrived in Paris... disappointing as it was we got to the Train Station that night and all trains were cancelled due to a fire on the railway... so we had to head home with our heads low... but got home had a great idea that we should go partying, so called up some friends and headed to a new funky bar in Knightsbridge called 'The Townhouse' and then off to 'ChinaWhite' a great Club in London.... luckily the person we were chatting to was the owner of Townhouse and straight on the doorlist:-) and had an awesome night....

While I am here I might as well provide an update on another special night we had with an English friend of ours Bill (who we met in Thailand on our honeymoon). We caught up for dinner in London at this really amazing restaurant called 'Sketch' - the food was fab and so were the drinks.. and of course the company. But the most bizarre thing about this place was we went into the little bar prior to dinner to enjoy a cocktail and it was a small room with the bar as the centre circle and then guests would all sit around the outside of the room, whilst we were drinking and chatting away we all noticed the music they were playing was quite odd... it was an American chatting about Apartments he had just bought and so on... then we realised as we looked up there was an American sitting on the other side of the room and it was his conversation we were listening to via the speakers... therefore they were probably listening to our... lucky we were keeping it clean:-) We were then up for dinner and also had to venture to the bathrooms... this was another bizarre experience... you went upstairs and there were these cocoons everywhere and they were actually the cubicles for the toilets, you would have to open the door and enter one and then lock yourself in - very weird feeling... check the website out.... All in all a fab time and we are looking forward to going again!

Our Special Day!!!

1 October 2006 was a gorgeous day and one very special to both of us... and always will be!! The day was perfect and everything was just as we had planned - we married in front of all our friends who have supported us over the past few years (and longer as individuals) and we confirmed our love for one another!!!

I just wanted to share some of our wedding album photos... and the memories that they hold for us both...:-)