Thursday, 3 May 2007

Paris - 27th April 2007

We finally got to Paris - the city of love!! We boarded the Eurostar straight after work and relaxed for the next 2 and half hours to Paris. It was a great way to travel and much easier than the plane. As soon as it departed London we headed for the bar and enjoyed a little bottle of champagne each while watching the gorgeous English scenery as we headed towards France via underneath the English Channel.... this was alittle weird when we hit the tunnel and the scenery disappeared, but 20 minutes later we were in the land of France!!

We got to Paris around 9pm so headed straight to the hotel and were lucky enough to land a room where you could actually move - if you have ever been to Paris you will understand! We quickly freshened up and took to the streets to find somewhere for our first meal in Paris, it was around 10pm so quite late, but we finally found a place where we could sit outside (the weather was absolutely gorgeous - 19 degrees at this time), anyway we sat down attempted to read the menu of which had no idea it was all in French!!! This is when I realised I should have taken more notice in French class in High School... The only words I remembered were the obvious 'Oui', 'Bonjour', 'Merci', 'Auvoir', 'J'adore', 'J'aime', of which were not going to help me order dinner.... fortunately the waiter was in no hurry to deliver service to us so up we got and escaped! We then found a lovely place on the corner which spoke English and had the best Champagne list in town... well we were in France!! We ordered a gorgeous bottle of Billecart Salmon Rose.... beautiful and enjoyed a great dinner!

Saturday morning we rose and went on the hunt for Breakfast... which shouldn't be too difficult, we ended up down at Champes Elysees - which is where every other Tourist was too... so we took some back streets and found a great little local cafe (yes another French menu...) but we worked it out and ended up with Pancakes... cannot complain;-) We sat there for an hour or so watching the world pass us by and the other customers who would come and go... many with their dogs - the french love their pets... they even dress them up and they not only wear collars and leashes.. but get scarves too - to match their owners - quite cute really! We ended up ordering a champagne after Breakfast and enjoyed the sunshine!

We finally dragged ourselves out of there and went walking to discover Paris and the Eiffel Tower... which is lovely but the tourists do really take the glory from it.... you could hardly move - so a couple of snapshots and we continued along our way. We then came across another great little cafe... so down we sat and yes another bottle of champagne was enjoyed along with some magnificent food - I swear all you do is drink and eat....!

We wasted the afternoon there and then went back to relax in our hotel for an hour or so before dinner was due.... we had made a reservation at a place on the river overlooking Paris and the Eiffel Tower so would of been lovely... but the taxi never arrived on time and our reservation was cancelled - not happy... but we got over that and remembered of another restaurant we saw during the day at The Westin and thought we would try our luck there.... fortunately they had some spare tables and again we enjoyed another fabulous evening of service, food and champagne... we even found a chardonnay from France we enjoyed:-) As we left our waitress provided us with some bars we should visit, so off we went to hit the town.

First up was Buddha Bar - quite a cool bar, but after waiting 30 minutes for a bottle of wine we thought best we should move onto the next one - jumped in a cab and ended up at a club called 'Le Cab', this was awesome landed the best table in the house and mingled with the crowd and met many people throughout the night. We ended up calling it a night around 3am! and it was supposed to be a quiet night!!

Sunday was spent strolling through Paris and seeing more of what it has to offer along with more food.... it was really warm around 27 degrees so we were taking it easy and just relaxed. Our train was leaving around 5pm, so that afternoon we headed to the station and caught our ride back to London!!

We had a lovely time in Paris and will definitely go back soon:-) As there is so much more to experience!!

PS. We saw the most bizarre thing while walking around the Paris... refer to the picture to the left!! We are so used to seeing sccaffolding all over buildings when they are refurbishing, but in Paris they actually put up an image of the building on a massive canvas so it still appears normal - every building being renovated had the same thing - looks very odd when you first see it... especially if its windy as in the pic!!