Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Bath - 1st June 2007

The best white chocolate cheesecake in the world!!! - What more can I say!!! (Sorry no pictures... but if you ever go to Bath you must visit and pray they have it on the menu) I will tell you all about our weekend... we left for Bath on the Friday night after work.. we experienced our first delays with the Tube... but surprisingly still got there on time after sitting on the platform for ages not moving. We took the train down or is it up.. never been good at Geography to Bath (I think its up!!) and arrived around 8.30pm at night, we have been to Bath before so we sort of have an idea on where we were going, but we took the punt and started walking to our hotel... 15 mins later we were there. It was the most gorgeous little hotel and the most perfect location - right in the centre of Bath and so close to everything. It was called Harringtons Hotel ( and definitely worth staying if in Bath. We checked in quickly and were taken up to our room by the very lovely staff - it felt like you were staying at your grandmothers it was very homely, the room was really nice as the hotel was recently refurbished.

Dinner was next on the cards, so we headed off into the gorgeous city of Bath and it was alive, busy and aloud - this town is obviously the place to spend the weekend for all Stags and Hens... they were everywhere... all dressed up in large groups partying away - it was scary!! (Stags and Hens are not as nice in England to each other as they are in Oz). We found a really nice little restaurant away from it all and enjoyed a bottle of our favourite champagne 'Bollinger' and a nice quiet meal before heading home for a quiet night and much needed sleep after a busy week!

Next morning we were up bright and early to head down for breakfast, we were given a great front table where we enjoyed the best poached eggs we have found in England/Europe to date.... (I don't believe they were on the agenda at chef school...), but these were edible completely and we thoroughly enjoyed them... this is when we miss Brunswick Street and especially Don's!!!

After Breakfast we got out for some fresh air and strolled around Bath - the weather was absolutely stunning at 24 degrees, so it was blissful walking through the streets. Bath is the most beautiful city and the buildings are again just amazing... some of them were 600 years old and still standing! There is a stunning river running through, so we just walked along and enjoyed the scenery...

Next up was a relaxing river cruise, we cruised the River Avon on this gorgeous day and took in all in beautiful sites and basically just relaxed - it was very romantic!! After our cruise it was time for lunch so this is when we stumbled across Raphaels and found the worlds best cheesecake... it was a lovely lunch and then back to the room for an afternoon nap and then off to dinner. We made reservations at a highly recommended restaurant in town - The Olive Tree that we had found in the local mag, it looked great so off we went (, more great food and wine... after dinner we took off to a cocktail bar we also found in the mag, which was a nice quiet night on Mohito's and back in bed by midnight.

Sunday saw us rise just before 10am.... and then again off for our poached eggs and the weather was on our side again for yet another stroll around Bath. We had a realxing day seeing more wonderful buildings. We ventured past the Roman Baths, but as we visited them nearly 2 years ago we didn't feel the need to go back in there, but they are definitely worth a visit. Here is a picture from our first trip to Bath.

We decided to head back to London around 4pm, so we could get home and relax some before the week commences yet again.... and as usual another busy one on the cards!