Friday, 27 April 2007

Breakfast in Chelsea - 22nd April 2007

I really, really want to live in Chelsea!! You have to see this place - it is gorgeous! But so of course is the price tag on all the property!! But doesn't mean we can't go there for breakfast and check it out.

My friend from Rotterdam - The Netherlands was staying in Chelsea for the night and we hadn't really been to Chelsea (in the daytime.. found ourselves there one morning at 5am - ChinaWhite night) so we thought we would meet up there. We jumped on the Tube and 20 minutes later we were there - which was great!

Chelsea is where the likes of Kylie Minogue and other celebrities tend to live, along with all the other well-to-do people in London, the cars driving up and down the streets are Ferraris, Bentleys, RollsRoyce and so on... but it is great for people watching and of course shopping (where isn't in London!)

Martine (dutch friend), we had not seen her since our world trip in 2005 when we stayed with her in Rotterdam, so it was great to see her and also met up with one of her friends, so we all sat around catching up all afternoon in a lovely organic... (even had organic waiters) cafe in the sunshine - 23 degrees - cannot complain about the weather.

We didn't have our camera so couldn't take pics, but have found one - although it doesn't do it justice...

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