Monday, 6 August 2007

Koh Samui - 14th July 2007

After a quick flight of only 2 hours we were back in Koh Samui after only 8 months. We landed and had to go through immigration which involved one man behind a lecturn and his cat asleep on the top. You were only allowed to approach the desk one at a time (yes even if you were under the age of 5) and then he would ask you if you wanted to pat his cat... and then stamp your passport. Finally we made it to the other side where our luggage was waiting for us along with our pick up for the hotel. We were quite surprised with the weather, we were expecting it to be so hot and humid, but it was actually quite bearable. We got to The Library where we were staying for the next 10 days, a new hotel that opened up at the beginning of the year and it definitely did not disappoint us - it was perfect!! We checked into our room and quickly unpacked so we could head down the street to pick up some essentials and get some Baht... (which caused some difficulties after our London Bank decided to suspend our card because it was being used overseas, therefore they thought is was stolen.... so after 1 hour on the phone we finally got it reinstated for it to happen again a few days later - is it really that difficult!!)

It was a Saturday night.... so next up was a quick bite to eat at Red Snapper and then back to the room to prepare for a night out!! Around 11pm we were ready to embark on our favourite club Q Bar, so after bartering with the cab driver (we were not being rolled this time), we got him to take us up the hill to Q Bar where we walked straight in to be greeted by Pepe who runs Q Bar and we were all overwhelmed to be back... we started the night with our memorable Espresso Martini's and then drank the night away -met lots of people and many famaliar faces. We ended up visiting a Black Moon party afterwards and danced the night away to then be invited back to a Beach Party.. finally stumbled through the door very early hours of the morning!! There goes Sunday!!

Monday morning we were back in action and ready to hit the beach/pool and sunbeds - so off we went down to the pool, landed a great spot and didn't move for the rest of the day... apart from to jump in the water every now and then to cool off... just read and watched all the people go by and of course enjoying cocktails! Tuesday was spent much the same and both nights we were lazy and ventured only down to dinner at The Library, although we couldn't complain about the Thai food it was divine and so cheap... we were eating at the hotel and only paying about £4 a meal... and couldn't even fit dessert in!!

Wednesday was spent again on the beach relaxing and that night we had Hamish and Robby arrive in town so we organised another night on the town - starting a Q Bar to visit Pepe and Jane and then many more bars in Chaweng that night... again walked home early hours of the morning... Next night we had to venture out with Hamish and Robby but luckily it was for a quiet dinner on the beach. It was amazing Thai food again, thanks to our host Em who knew where to take us - it was gorgeous!

Yes you guessed it... the next day was again spent lazing by the pool lapping up the sun, we were very lucky and continued to receive great weather throughout our stay (Well almost). Friday arrived and we were meeting Bill and Caroline for dinner as they just flew in on Wednesday also from London. Bill had booked us into Dr Frog, a new restuarant up on the cliff overlooking Chaweng - it was stunning.... this is when the weather decided to turn on us and we were just finishing up dinner and the storm hit... it was amazing all the lights started to go out in Chaweng and the town became all dark.... along with our restaurant - although lucky enough we had enough power to keep the DJ going so all was well.... we ended up heading into town to meet up with Hamish, visited Q Bar on the way and they were all waiting around for the lights to come back on... yes that includes the Air Con too.... it was warm... but we found somewhere in Chaweng who had a generator along with the rest of the town and enjoyed a few drinks.... soon enough the town came back alive and light... the transformer had been changed!!! We continued the night dancing away to bring in Hamish's birthday!

Stay tuned... still more to come and photos too:-)

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